The Need for an Accounts Consultant

In life, there are times when we are stuck and have some tough decisions to make; we often go to our friends and family for advice. Similarly when we have tough business decisions to make we turn to those who have our best interest at heart. But these people are often ill-equipped to advise on business or finances which could result in a wrong decision. Why go to a consultant: 1. They are skilled and experienced to provide business advice. An Accounting Consultant will go to

The Golden Years Visa Will Benefit the Economy

For the foreign expats, who have spent many industrious years and consider UAE as ‘home’, the recent decision by the government, to offer foreign residents the opportunity to remain in the UAE after retirement is being applauded. The new decision promises to transform the social, economic and cultural fabric of the nation in numerous ways. There are, of course, certain conditions. To gain the golden year's visa, a retiree must either own property worth at least Dh2 Million ha


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