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Why Millennials are important in any organization.

When it comes to the Millennials at work, they have a bad reputation. They are often known as lazy or hyperactive, selfie-obsessed, addicted to phone and a generation that looks for a creative job. This generation will move around a lot until they find a job they like and are content.

However, research says that they are more aligned with other generations when it comes to contentment in the workplace than you may think.

Most millennials approach a role or a company with a highly defined set of expectations. They want their work to have a purpose. They want to use their talent and strength to do what they do best every day. They want to learn and develop. Millennials wish to benefits and perks that directly impact their lives and that of their family members. They show a willingness to switch jobs to secure these necessities.

1. They’re genuine

They thrive on being judged on performance and have high respect for experience rather than power. They are not the kind who like to suck up to the bosses, hoping for their time to come into power. They like people who appreciate their hard work.

2. They’re driven

They value the ability to progress in their career. They are attracted to careers where they know is room for more responsibility. They will give you they're all to prove that they are capable.

3. They think outside the box

Millennials are a creative bunch. They are constantly thinking of some new, creative, out of the box ideas.

4. They are tech-savvy

They were born with a remote instead with rattle. They can operate any device – a desktop, a laptop, android, apple or for that matter, any software! They know softwares that can make a company more efficient.

5. They collaborate and adapt faster

Millennials are generally great with teamwork and collaboration, as long as it helps them create the best work.

6. They are tenacious

Millennials are labeled as impatient, wanting everything right away. They’ve grown up with all information at their fingertips on the World Wide Web. Moreover, this makes millennials tenacious in the workplace, constantly working towards finding answers and getting things done as soon as possible.

7. They’re optimistic

With the sloping economy we are currently facing, millennials are still very optimistic. They’re always looking on the bright side with the surity that they will be able to make it in whatever ventures they take. This generation is less jaded than previous generations, believing that they are capable of anything.

8. They value feedback

They need acceptance. Even though some view this as a negative quality, it can be a great thing at the workplace. Millennials need feedback, and constantly work to better themselves.

9. They’re best with Social Media

They have grown up with social media, and they understand it better than any generation ever has. They also value the potential it has to spread awareness and information. It helps them to stay connected with news, all that’s new and with their connections.

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